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Weekly Club Walks

Weekly club walks are a great way to meet other members and walk with people who have similar training goals.  Whether you're just learning to racewalk or have been racewalking for years, you'll find people you can pace with.  Rain or shine, sometimes you just need a little motivation to get out of bed on the weekend and get a great workout.  

Saturday - 8:00AM

(1st Saturday each month)

Mt. Tabor Park - Meet at the Park entrance (near the corner of SE Salmon St. and SE Taylor Ct., just east of SE 60th Ave. Salmon is south of SE Belmont St.). A good option for newcomers.

Saturday - 8:00AM

(2nd Saturday each month)

Springwater Willamette - Meet in the parking lot at Sellwood Park (on SE Oaks Park Way near the entrance to Oaks Park. Oaks Park is near the east end of the Sellwood Bridge, off SE Tacoma and SE Spokane Sts.) 

Sunday - 8:00AM

(3rd Sunday each month)

Johnson Creek Springwater Trail - Meet at the trailhead parking lot (SE 45th Ave. and Johnson Creek Blvd.)

Sunday - 8:00AM

(4th Sunday each month)

Dunniway Park TrackThis location had been closed for renovation but is now open.  This new track and field are getting lots of use these days.  Come check out all the activity.  With all the walkers and runners on the track you're sure to meet someone new. Be sure to let them know about our club.  Maybe they'd like to join.


Sunday - 8:00AM

(5th Sunday)

Old Spaghetti Factory - Meet near the Old Spaghetti Factory, SW Moody and SW Bancroft/Lowell.

Every Saturday

7:30 & 8:00AM

THPRD - The Tualatin Hills Parks and Rec Center is located on Walker Road and 158th in Beaverton.  Enter at Schendel and 158th to park in the lot by the Athletic Center.  The group meets in front of the Athletic Center next to the basketball courts.  If you smell chlorine, you're probably at the aquatic center.  Move to the building next door.

The West side Saturday walks include a 30 minute warm-up period starting at 7:30AM.  Coach Carmen loves functional movement because it's kept her basically pain free over the past 15 years of race walking.  She leads a 30 minute warm up based on the Egoscue method each Saturday.